The Official Chemical Garden Trilogy Fan Site: Guest Blog

Today, we are SO excited to be hosting a very special guest blog from the ladies behind the Official Chemical Garden Trilogy Fan Site, which is run by fans with the support of Simon & Schuster. They’re here today to tell us more about their site, how they got started & what you can find there:

PhotobucketWhen we read Wither, the first in the trilogy The Chemical Garden, we were instantly drawn to the diverse nature of the series.  It was nice to see an author step out of the box and push the envelope in the YA genre.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy fansite came about during the winter.  Once the site was complete we reached out to a friend who had a contact at Simon & Schuster.  Turns out, Simon & Schuster (on the very same day, no less) was about to reach out to us.  We became OFFICIAL and started hosting contest for signed ARC’s.  We’ve given away about a dozen ARC’s that span the globe.We’ve recently updated the site, bringing on web designer, Anna Moore of Eat, Sleep, Design.  Anna has provided us with a more feminine, “Rhine”, feel as we like to call it.

We were extremely lucky to debut the Wither trailer.  As many may recall, we spent 3 full days with teasers not only from the book but also with pictures that Vania of VLC Photo shot during the making of the Wither trailer.

We are very excited to support Novel Novice for the month of April, helping them make Wither their book of the month!

There are two bloggers known as Rhine & JuneBean that are bringing you all the news on a daily basis and a few people behind the scenes.  If you would like to be part of the team drop us a line at and be sure to follow us on Twitter @ChemGarden.

And for the record … We are Team Linden!

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