Wither Book Trailer: Exclusive Behind the Scenes Q&A

It’s no secret here at Novel Novice how much we love the book trailers created by the fabulous Vania of VLC Productions. So any chance we get to feature her work, we jump at it. Which is why we’re thrilled that for the second month in a row, Vania is the brainchild behind the book trailer for our Book of the Month — in this case, Wither by Lauren DeStefano. So we sat down for a quick Q&A with Vania to find out what went into making the Wither book trailer.

What was your approach to the WITHER book trailer? How was it similar/different from other trailers you’ve done?

The WITHER book trailer was a little different in its approach in that we were trying to give it a look that would be cohesive with the book’s cover and would also have the sad desperate feel that the book and dystopian genre convey.

I particularly love the music in this trailer — it really does a great job of setting the mood. How’d you choose it? What other types of tracks did you consider?

Oh my, we had initially picked something straight off the bat that was a little bit harsher and harder sounding that had a bit of a techno feel to it. But after mixing it with the voice over and imagery we saw it just didn’t work. This happens all the time and I am very passionate about finding the right music. So I went back in search of the perfect piece and came across this very sad soundtrack that I immediately fell in love with. I loved that the sadness matches the book’s sadness so well. Those who’ve read it will know what I mean.

Tell us about the shoot itself … you’ve got a kidnapping, a wedding dress, rings on fingers … what was the day like? What was the biggest challenge of the shoot? The easiest part?

Oh my, YES! So much crazy. The shooting day itself was nuts too. For one it was freezing. In between takes we’ll huddle inside a nearby coffee shop and stand by the door. Then when we were shooting the kidnapping poor Mari Kate got swung and hit into the nearby pipes. My stylist got into an accident on her way to get the dresses. The hotel room we were shooting in had crappy outlets that refused to hold lights into their sockets, so the lights would keep going out unless my friend would literally sit next to the outlet and hold the light in. But we had a lot of fun and managed to shoot through all my Selena Gomez songs on my iPod, I didn’t even know I had.

What’s your favorite part of this trailer? (OR what was your favorite part of making it?)

I love all of it, especially the part where you have so much fun that when you are done you drive home super giddy and excited to see it all edited together! That is also fun, seeing the edited pieces come together…

Anything else you want to share about making the WITHER trailer?

I hope everyone likes it as much as I did making it.

And here it is — Vania’s Wither book trailer:

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