Lisa & Laura Roecker: “The Best & Worst Parts of Being a Writer”

Today, we’re taking part in the official blog tour for The Liar Society by Lisa & Laura Roecker — a cool, Nancy Drew-esque mystery that is a very fun read (though it does have some creep-out potential, so take heed fellow late-night readers!) You can see our review of The Liar Society here, but today we’ve got this great guest blog from sisters Lisa & Laura! Thanks for stopping by, ladies …

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Quick, best and worst parts of being a writer…

Lisa: Best = People

Laura: Worst = Late nights

Lisa: Best = Blog

Laura: Worst = Rejection

Lisa: Best = Fans…er our fan

Laura: Wait a second, why do I always have to list the worst. I’m switching teams. Best = Reading friends’ books

Lisa: You tricky bitch.

Laura: LISA, language!

Lisa: Oops, sorry. Moving on. Worst = Husbands who complain we’re always on our computers

Laura: Best = Flexibility, ie I can work from home on account of Nick Jr. Preschool On Demand

Lisa: Worst = Slow publishing pace

Laura: Best = A full hope tank

Lisa: Worst = An empty hope tank

Laura: Best = Falling in love with a new book.

Lisa: Worst = Realizing that someone else wrote it and you kinda suck in comparison.

Laura: Best = Being famous.

Lisa: You’re kidding right?

Laura: No! This guy totally stopped me at the coffee shop and asked if I was a writer.

Lisa: Were you on your laptop at the time?

Laura: Well, yeah….

Lisa: Did he call you by name?

Laura: No….I don’t think so….

Lisa: You jackass he was trying to pick you up. He didn’t recognize you.

Laura: Oh….

Lisa: Worst = Delusions of Grandeur. As if anyone would recognize us! You are such a dork.

Laura: Best = Maintaining a high self esteem. I mean, it’s not completely out of the ream of possibility.

Lisa: Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.

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