Review: Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales & Funny Stories

If you ask me, you’re never too old to enjoy a good fairy tale. “Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After” are the stuff great stories are made from, as far as I’m concerned. Growing up, I remember how much I loved flipping through the pages of my fairy tale anthology — classic stories from the likes of Hans Christian Anderson and the Grimm Brothers, accompanied by beautiful illustrations that only helped spark my imagination even further.

These days, the “fairy tales” gets a lot of criticism — for promoting flights of fancy, for encouraging princess fantasies, because Disney is involved, etc. To these naysayers, I say: “Suck it!” I had a massive princess dress-up collection growing up (and okay, yeah, I still have an awesome tiara collection — and let me tell you, nothing makes doing housework go faster than wearing a tiara while you scrub toilets) — and I like to think that I turned out just fine. Fairy tales are the stuff of magic and imagination, and whether or not they’re one of those stories with a moral at the end or not, they’re a wonderful introduction to the world of make believe. And do you know who are the masters of this world? Authors. That’s the biggest reason I read books — to escape; to get away from the real world for the brief time I spend wrapped up in the universe of a good book.

This love affair started for me when I was very young, and discovered fairy tales. So it saddens me that it’s harder to find good fairy tale books these days.

That’s where the fine folks behind come into play — with Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales & Funny Stories — an interactive story book that features classic fairy tales, retold with beautiful new illustrations. And the interactive part? Well, that’s because you can read along in your book — as Mrs. P reads the story in her videos, found for free on or in the Mrs. P iTunes store (for download on portable devices).

This is the kind of book that parents and their kids can curl up with to read before bed, enjoying the classic tales of The Frog Prince, Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. Each story is lovingly told from the original text, and accompanied by all-new, original illustrations by artists Robin E. Kaplan, Jacob Herring and Jake Hollomon. The book offers all the charm of a traditional fairy tale collection, mixed with the humor of Mrs. P’s website — found in her magical and imaginative introductions.

Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales & Funny Stories is available now for $19.95 — and a portion of the after-tax profits will be donated to literacy organizations.

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