Teen Tech Week 2011: Contests from YALSA and Figment

Want to win a $50 Amazon gift card? How about a Nook e-reader? Thanks to YALSA and their Promotional Partner Figment.com, you have your chance. AND thanks to Novel Novice’s previous Steampunk feature, we know you’ll be well prepared to enter this contest! Check out the details below:

Enter the Steampunk Apparatus Contest!… Come up with a device or instrument and give it a name and a description of what it looks like. For example, “Blimflocket – a wristwatch with a chain that goes up the arm and links to a person’s neck.” On March 7 tweet this invention along with the hashtag #YALSApunk and @figmentfiction. A winning device will be chosen based on creativity, and the “inventor” will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

On March 8, the winning device will be announced on the Figment and YALSA sites and by Twitter. For the second part of the contest, write a short story (in 750 words or fewer) on Figment in which the winning device from the first round gets used. Submissions will be accepted March 8-11. Figment users will vote to select finalists the week of March 14; then National Book Award winning-author, Kathryn Erskine, will choose a winning story. The winner will be announced the week of March 21 and will receive a Nook e-reader.

YALSA Teen Tech Week Contests

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