Breaking Dawn Read-along: Chapters 2&3


My apologies for being a few days late posting the next part of the Breaking Dawn read-along.  We would like to try something different this time, and see how it works.  Instead of doing the discussion in the comments, we want to try a live chat!

We’ve set up three live chats throughout March.  We’ll chat through GChat, so you’ll need a Gmail account in order to participate.  You’ll also need to sign up in advance so that we can invite you to the group chat.

The dates/times for these chats will be:

  • Wednesday, March 9 @ 2:00 PM Eastern (11:00 AM Pacific)
  • Wednesday, March 16 @ 10:30 PM Eastern (7:30 PM Pacific)
  • Sunday, March 20 @ 3:00 PM Eastern (Noon Pacific)

You don’t have to come to all of them, but you’re welcome to attend more than one.  We just wanted to give a variety of times in hopes that everyone who wants to participate can.

Again, please don’t forget to sign up in advance.  You can’t be invited to join the group chat if we don’t have your information!  We’ll post reminders the day before on our blog, and the day of via Twitter and Facebook.

For those who can’t attend any of the chats, the questions will be posted here next week, so you can still discuss with us via the comments.

Make sure you’ve read Chapters 2 and 3 before joining the chat, so they are fresh in your mind.

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