Literary Lovers Mash-Up: Lucius & Isabelle

We are sharing entries from our second-annual Literary Lovers Mash-Up Writing Contest — which offered you the chance to combine two romantic heroics from different books. We’ll be featuring all of the qualifying stories over the next few days, so check back periodically for all of these great submissions! Participants will also be receiving a set of Novel Novice bookmarks!

Today we have Shauna D.’s story, featuring Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments and Lucius Vladescu from Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side:

Dear Vasille,

Jessica has spurned me completely, choosing instead to “go out” with that bumpkin Jake.

Why that term–“go out”? Why do Americans choose to use the most basic of verbology?

I digress. Antanasia has made it abundantly clear that I am not the one she wishes to be with.

Americans. What feckless, feeble-minded individuals.

I do find the American ideology of “choice” rather appealing. I have made an interesting choice.

Uncle, I have met a girl by the name of Isabelle Lightwood. She has a presence about her which sings to my blood; I cannot seem to get enough of her. Her aura of self-confidence and assurance is such a relief after seeing nothing but girls who demand attention to feel better about themselves. Isabelle has no need for this repulsive behavior; she knows she’s beautiful and expects her due.

I met her at a “party.” I showed up, enjoyed the atmosphere and imbibed in casual conversation and customary beer. I was being accosted by Faith Crosse (her many attributes would make her a good vampire), when from across the room my eyes lay upon a dark-haired girl in a white dress, a glorious silver whip clasped to her side, thigh-high boots, and a deliciously curvy body.

I stole across the room to ensure my spot at her side; she was surrounded by peasants. The sly, seductive smile gracing her porcelain visage was my undoing. It was no hardship to separate her from the others.

She is Nephilim. Have you heard of this? Apparently it is someone with angel blood running through their veins. No wonder her blood sings to me–it is a light to my darkness, an inherent goodness to my black sin. Isabelle enlightened me that she destroys those of our kind. I find this entirely sexy–knowing that she could be the end of me at any time, and vice versa. Thrilling!

She is absolutely striking–alive with life, vitality, and energy. She burns so brightly,  surrounded by dim specks of twilight, and she stands out along amidst the crowd shining as if on fire!

We were joined very quickly outside by Faith and a gaggle of drooling men. Faith latched herself to my side immediately. Isabelle took this opportunity to step away and converse with one of the peon males, laying her hand on his upper arm, smiling seductively, her lashes low and her charm turned to this inconsequential individual. Little did he know that he was putty in her hands.

She looked to me the entire time she stood with him.

I could take it no longer. I broke away from the insufferable Faith and took Isabelle into my arms, stealing her from the party. I cannot print what glorious verbs we accomplished; do know that her whip isn’t always used to cause undue pain.

I will continue to meet with this intriguing young woman with her enigmatic dark eyes.  The Dragomirs and their pact be damned.

Always, irrevocably,


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