Literary Lovers Mash-Up: Pendragon & Maximum Ride

We are sharing entries from our second-annual Literary Lovers Mash-Up Writing Contest — which offered you the chance to combine two romantic heroics from different books. We’ll be featuring all of the qualifying stories over the next few days, so check back periodically for all of these great submissions! Participants will also be receiving a set of Novel Novice bookmarks!

Today we have Nicolas C.’s story, featuring Bobby Pendragon from the Pendragon series by D.J. Machale and Maximum Ride from The Angel Experiment by James Patterson :

Slowly rising up from what seemed as an abyss of darkness, I struggled to open my stubborn eyes. When I finally succeeded in the fight with my eyelids, surprise hit me like a bucked of cold water. Stars blazed in the night sky and the land around me was illuminated by the full moon up above. Turning in a slow circle, I realized that I was in a small clearing. But how did I get here? I desperately searched my recent memories, hoping to unearth the answer to this mystery. But alas, I could not find a clue as to how I got here. My body became rigid, my breathing slow and silent when my ears picked up a rustling noise in the forest to my left. Careful not to make any noise, I slowly pivoted to the direction of the noise. Seconds later, a girl wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top came stumbling out, her long, blonde hair masking her face. For no reason what so ever, my heart began to race, my palms becoming sweaty, yet, at the same time, my body relaxed. Only one thought raced through my mind and that was how beautiful she looked in the glowing light of the moon. But still, she could be dangerous and I should be careful. Unfortunately, my body ignored my thoughts and the next thing I know, I’m helping the beautiful, but strange girl stand up. When her eyes met mine, it was like I was struck with lightening and I knew only one thing: she’s the one.

“Who are you,” she whispered in a curious tone.

“Me? I’m Bobby Pendragon,” I whispered back, “And you are?”

“I’m Max, Maximum Ride,” she answered.

All of a sudden, I had this urge, this want to know everything about Max. After all the formalities we sat next to each other, gazing at the stars and telling each other everything. I don’t know what it was about her, but I was unable to keep anything from her, and I’m pretty sure it was the same for her. When she told me of her wings, she stood up and spread them out to show me. She expected me to think that she was a freak, but the truth is, she looked like an angel. After everything was said, I was sure she had the same feelings for me I had for her.

Max looked up to me and said,” I don’t know where we are or how we got there, but I want to show you something before our time is up.”

We stood up and embraced each other in a hug and the next thing I knew, we were flying amongst the stars and the moon. We looked each other in the eyes and then we kissed. But it was no normal kiss; it was a soul wrenching kiss full of passion and love. I tucked the memory away, knowing that I would never forget…

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  1. “I was unable to keep anything from her.”. It reminds of all the people I’ve met — even though we speak different languages — that you connect with on the level of the soul and then never see again.

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