Contest of Epic: Runner-Up #2 of 5

Today, we present our second of five runners-up in our Contest of Epic. Today’s winner is Aurora M.:

The sun is shining, a whirl from the furnace and in a minute my computer will be up and running. It’s morning in Michigan! I arrive at my in box and there it is……an e mail from Novel Novice! What will this e mail hold? A new book review? A contest? A cover reveal? I savor every word.

My next move is a visit to your wonderful site. Your recommendations are always spot on, the interviews entertaining. I have come to count on finding the next great read. I can’t tell you how many wonderful and fun things this blog has brought to my mornings. To start the day with something to look forward to means more than you could know.

You see, I am a Cancer survivor of  almost 3 years and having something to look forward to is so important, without these little simply pleasures my mind often go back to those “what if or how long” thoughts of many days past. Thank you for being a reason that today can and will be a good day, one filled with excitement of “what if’s or can be’s.”

Novel Novice it may be your big first anniversary for which I send out congratulations and a job well done, but today is…….day 995 Cancer free for me and your blog has been part of the reason why today will be a great day!  May there be many many more wonderful and book filled days ahead for BOTH of us! Happy 1st Anniversary.

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