Elizabeth Eulberg: “Why Pride & Prejudice Still Resonates”

Doubters, listen up! We asked the insightful Elizabeth Eulberg — author of Prom and Prejudice — to explain the following:


What is it about Pride and Prejudice that still resonates with audiences two centuries after the original was written?

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for putting things into perspective and spreading some Darcy love!



What amazes me most about Jane Austen is that she wrote Pride and Prejudice nearly two hundred years ago, but it still resonates as much (if not more so) today. Look at Bridget Jones’s Diary, or Lost in Austen, or the many takes on the classic. It was a conversation about this very topic that led me to the idea for Prom and Prejudice.
There’s been countless love stories told for generations, but what is it about Pride and Prejudice that makes it stand out? It’s extremely clever and funny, has great memorable characters, but if you ask me (and technically Novel Novice did), it can be summed up in one word: Darcy.
Who doesn’t want to find that person who will bend over backwards to make you happy, to protect you (and your family) and love you for you – flaws and all? That’s pretty much the dream, isn’t it?
That’s exactly the kind of person Mr. Darcy is to Elizabeth Bennet and her family. But it took him awhile to get there. Pride and Prejudice’s original title was First Impressions because when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first meet neither is impressed with the other. Darcy comes across as pompous and aloof, but when Elizabeth lets him know exactly what she thinks of him (when he proposes marriage), he realizes how he’s perceived and then spends the rest of the book going out of his way to be a better person.

What happens between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet can best be described as loathe at first sight. But when you strip away their individual pride and prejudices (hence the title!), they are the perfect couple. It’s a classic example of letting yourself get in the way of your dreams.

Neither Mr. Darcy nor Elizabeth are perfect, but that’s what makes them so compelling. The amount of obstacles they must go through for their happy ending makes them coming together even more rewarding.

It’s the idea of meeting the guy of your dreams and not knowing it that will continue to give writers, actors, directors, and artists’ inspiration for years to come.

And we all have the lovely Miss Jane Austen to thank for it.

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