One Year Anniversary Guest Blog: YA Urban

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We’ve been featuring guest blogs from some of our favorite buddies in the blogging world over the last month to celebrate our One Year Anniversary, and today we’re delighted to have JP from YA Urban! JP is one of our FAVORITE guy bloggers and we’re always impressed with his enthusiasm and dedication (especially when you learn how young he is)! Thanks JP for guest blogging, and the rest of you — go check out YA Urban!

Congrats to the team at Novel Novice for an great year. Every time I stop by, something catches my eye and I’ll think, “Whoa, that is really cool!” and read on. One of my favorite things about NN is that they go the extra mile (or, rather, an extra thousand miles.) They have an entire staff of awesome people: Sara, their admin. and publicity director; Steph, Libby, Billy, Joe, Jana, Christie, and Taylor, NN contributors; Stephanie, NN’s fantastic graphic designer; Tiffany, the founder of NN’s Twilight-themed sister site; and Elena, the MG (middle grade) reviewer at NN. All of these people have a level of awesome that all YA and MG readers appreciate – I think more than they know.

More evidence of the extra thousand miles at NN that I speak of are all of the spunky things they feature on the side of their ever-helpful and true reviews: Book of the Month, “extra” posts about varying things like news and views in the literature world, generous contests and more. I have to say the thing out of those I really look forward to all the time is their Book of the Month – because NN helps you see all the aspects of the novel they have chosen to feature, and things may have missed.

If, after all this proof, you don’t know the truth that is NN has spunk! then you are missing out, bud.

Happy one-year anniversary to Novel Novice. I can’t wait for the excitement in bookish peoples’ lives to come.

Sara | Novel Novice

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