One Year Anniversary Guest Blog: Mundie Moms

Posted January 25, 2011 by Sara | Novel Novice 8 Comments

We are SO excited to have our good friends from Mundie Moms guest blogging today … they’ve been some of our biggest supporters since Day 1, and we are always thrilled to work with them or just exchange goofy tweets.

The image was created by Amber/Pixie from MundieMoms

Happy 1st Birthday!!! We couldn’t come empty handed … while we tried to get Magnus to host a fabulous party for you (unfortunately he had a previous engagement in Idris to attend to), so we brought Jace. Ignore the fact he will probably complain about being second choice. lol We are so excited we get to celebrate your first birthday with you. I absolutely love you guys, as not only do we have a shared love for the Northwest, but a huge love for books and promoting reading.

Novel Novice has made it’s unique mark in the book blogging world as not only do you provide a wide range of giveaways, and interviews, but you provide educational tools for your audience/followers. I admire the enthusiasm you guys have about the books you read and love. It shows through in your reviews, the extra work you do in creating the posts that break down the book and the graphics you make for it.

You guys are so much fun to be around (in the blogging world. I can only imagine the fun we’d have when we finally get to meet in person)! You are all hard working, book loving, fun bloggers who aren’t afraid to be yourselves. Happy Birthday and we’re looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you guys!

Sara | Novel Novice

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8 responses to “One Year Anniversary Guest Blog: Mundie Moms

  1. Geez, as if we didn’t already have enough reasons to love the Mundie Moms!

    *Sends mental message to Alex P: “Sign the deal, sign the deal, sign the deal …”*

  2. Um. Excuse me? But like- what is my fiancée doing on this website. Alex and I know each other pretty well, (we’ve been engaged since the seventh grade), and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have wings. I’m just sayin’


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