One Year Anniversary Guest Blog: Amanda Bell, Twilight Examiner

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Amanda Bell is best known for writing the Twilight Examiner column, but she also has her finger on the pulse of pop culture and current trends. We’re honored to have her guest blogging today in honor of our one year anniversary.

Thanks to the internet almost any piece of information is attainable, and fast. The wonder that is the World Wide Web is a subject which can (and likely will) be discussed for generations, for better and for worse. Its creation marked a turning point in our history and our behaviors.

One marked shift which the web ushered in has been the way that we all expose ourselves to one another. Our communications are quickened by e-mails. Social networks offer a new exploration on personality. And websites have arisen as mainstay platforms for industry and individuals alike. In the latter case, there is literally something out there for everyone. A garden, if you will, exists online, and people are now challenged to parse through the various fruits with keen discretion on what is healthy to consume.

As we’ve grown up with and into this immediacy of access, the practice of sifting through websites in search of legitimacy has become commonplace.

When we come across niche sites which hold themselves to standards of worthy repute while still piquing our unique interests, we bookmark and come to rely upon them.

So it is with Novel Novice, an ambitious and professional literary appreciation site.

When it comes to book fare, this site has solidified itself to be a reliable place. The offerings are vast – anywhere from exclusive author interviews and advance reviews to book-to-film previews and expectations – but the administrators have honed in on a fresh, consistent, and positive content policy which ensures that when I come to visit their site, I can trust it.

In a digital world of scattered fragments, it is wonderful to see the vision of Novel Novice materialize as it soldiers on to present an organized, upstanding resource for book-lovers.

Sara | Novel Novice

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