Hot Chocolate for the Female Soul

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It’s delicious, it’s soothing, it’s familiar, it’s indulgent. The best way I can describe Chick Lit is to say it’s hot chocolate for the female soul.

From the girly book covers – that come in an assortment of appealing girly colors and which may or may not feature some fabulously stylish girly accessory – to the all too recognizable dramas us ladies confront on a daily basis – relationships, friendships, self-doubt, self-loathing – Chick Lit provides just the kind of comfort we crave in just the kind of pretty package we want.

My obsession with Chick Lit began in high school, that time in a girl’s life when we need the comfort of a hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows) the most. When the drama can sometimes seem unbearable and it’s just nice to know that someone, somewhere may be going through the same thing we are. Even if that someone and somewhere are fiction.

I started out with Jane Green and Jennifer Weiner. Two pioneering Chick Lit authors, who to this day, continue to create the kind of characters that, as corny as it sounds, become like friends who stay with you long after you turn the last page.

Jane Green’s Jemima J. is an ugly duckling turned swan story- a guilty, cotton candy kind of pleasure- and Jennifer Weiner’s Good in Bed is as delightfully decadent as a slice of red velvet cake. But aside from their deliciousness, these stories are identifiable and entertaining, heartbreaking and inspiring, featuring female leads who put even Carrie Bradshaw to shame with their wit and candor.

After sampling these scrumptious and substantial selections, you may find yourself craving more of that Chick Lit comfort, and trust me, I’ll continue to show you more where those came from.


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