Team Get Some Week: The Best Friend

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Peeta or Team Gale? Team Stefan or Team Damon? It seems everywhere we turn these days, there is a team to support when it comes to our favorite literary obsessions. But much like the girl who proudly declared herself Team Switzerland (we’re looking at you, Bella Swan), we’ve had enough!

So we’re declaring ourselves Team Get Some.

What exactly does that mean? Okay, okay, get your heads out of the gutter … Team Get Some is all about the hottest romances in Young Adult lit, so this week Novel Novice teamed up with YA author Suzanne Young to support some of our favorites. We’ve broken up the week into theme days, and we’ll conclude on Friday with some of the steamiest scenes that prove what good YA romance is all about.

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Today, we’re featuring The Best Friend … the guy who’s always been there, who you can tell anything to, until one day you get that tingly feeling in the bottom of your stomach and you realize he’s not just your best friend. He’s the love of your life! Today’s picks for Team Get Some are our favorite Best Friends.

Silas from Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce has been part of Rosie and Scarlett’s lives for a long time — more like a much older, distant brother to Rosie than a potential paramour. But one day, while on the run fighting killer werewolves, Rosie and Silas discover … something more. And despite their age difference — and the uncomfortable situation this puts them in with Rosie’s sister Scarlett — romance blossoms. And it is hot. This is definitely a couple you’ll be rooting for … you know, when they’re not busy kicking ass against the Fenris.

In Generation Dead by Daniel Waters, Adam proves that he’s the true definition of a best friend. He’s loyal, loving and willing to do anything for Phoebe — even push aside his own feelings when she wants to start dating a zombie. Even stand up for her against the popular crowd. Even die for her. It’ll break your heart and melt your insides.

See more of our favorite Best Friends at Suzanne’s website, and share your picks for The Best Friend in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Team Get Some Week: The Best Friend

Add yours

    1. We LOVE Jay from The Body Finder … once she gets her post up, I believe you’ll find him getting some love at Suzanne Young’s blog! 🙂

  1. My picks are:

    + Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games series. Being a Team Gale member myself, perfect best friend and mate.

    + Puck from The Iron Fey series, I have only read the first book, but gosh I love me some Robin Goodfellow!

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