The Outsiders – Student Made Trailers

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This week we will be featuring student made trailers for both The Outsiders and The Hunger Games. Having students create fake movie trailers for the novels they are reading serves two purposes:

1- It appeals to a student population that is more media and technology savvy than any other generation before it. As educators, we must acknowledge this, and grab the attention of our students by using formats they are not only familiar with, but formats they want to explore. Like I’ve always said: trick them into learning.

2- When I have students create trailers they must plan out their trailer using a story board – a perfect tool to review sequence of events. The students are also given a particular plot element to focus on – theme, mood, setting, conflict, etc… their pre-assigned element must be the focal point of their trailer. Their trailer must define the term, and explain how it’s used in the construct of the novel.

Below are some student-created trailers available on Youtube. Yes, they’re a little silly, but at least the kids are connecting with the work, and learning the art of summarizing as well. It’s alright to have fun in the classroom. Trust me.


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