Becca Fitzpatrick dishes on writing about the supernatural!

Last month, Becca Fitzpatrick appeared at Portland, Oregon’s Wordstock Festival to talk about Hush, Hush and Crescendo (which some lucky festival-goers were able to purchase before its release date!). Besides her own individual presentation, Becca was also part of a 3-author panel called “Creature Feature,” which was about the supernatural in lit. I was fortunate enough to be the moderator of this panel — which meant I got to ask them questions, field audience questions and break-up potential Harry Potter debates between the authors. (No, really.)

Besides Becca, the other authors on the panel were Laura Whitcomb (A Certain Slant of Light; The Fetch) and Joey Comeau (One Bloody Thing After Another; Bible Camp Bloodbath). Laura’s books are also YA; Joey’s are most certainly NOT YA — but they are equally disturbing, morbid and hilarious. In fact, you’ll have to forgive some of the lingering laughter in the video below … Joey had a tendency to steal the spotlight throughout the panel because he was just so darn funny.

Anyway, here is a short video highlighting some of Becca’s best comments from the panel:

And here is the rockstar panel:

Joey Comeau, Becca Fitzpatrick, me & Laura Whitcomb

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