Our encounter with Patch in hush, hush gives us the opportunity to delve a little deeper into the world of angels. What do we know about them? Do they really exist? What kinds of angels are there? Who believes in angels?

Angels are represented in many religions, but are most commonly associated with Christianity. They are also found in other religions, including Judaism and Islam. There are old and modern interpretations and beliefs. People all over the world believe in angels.

We know that Patch Chauncey is Nephilim, but what other kinds of angels are there?

In Christianity, the Hierarchy of Angels is broken down into three spheres and includes:

Seraphim: “The Burning Ones” or “Fiery Serpents.” Seraphim are said to have six wings and four heads or faces. (see left)

Cherubim: Angels of harmony and wisdom. Cherubim have four faces: man, ox, lion and an eagle; four wings with eyes and ox’s feet. They are often confused with Putti, the baby-like angels with wings in modern society. (see right)

Thrones/Ophanim: Angels of justice and will. They are described as a wheel within a wheel with many eyes.

Dominions: Also known as the Hashmallim. Angels of intuition and wisdom. Regulate the tasks of lower angels.

Virtues: (Strongholds) Angels of movement and choice. Known as the “Miracle Angels.” Duty to supervise the movements of heavenly bodies.

Powers: (Authorities). Angels of space and form. They track human history.

Principalities: (Rulers) Angels of time and personality.

Archangels: Angels of high rank. In Christianity, Gabriel and Michael are the most commonly known.

Angels: “messengers of or from God.”

Other notable types of Angels:

Fallen Angel: In Christianity, an angel who has been banished from Heaven for failing to obey or rebelling against God. The most famous fallen angel is Lucifer.

Guardian Angel: Believed to protect a person or group that God assigns.

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  1. Good evening everybody 😀
    I just wanted to say that Patch isn’t a Nephilim, isn’t he? I know I can’t speak english soooo well, but I think, that he is definiteley a fallen angel and at the end of Hush, Hush becomes a guardian angel. It was never said he is nephilim, because the fallen angel use the nephilim on chesvan.

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