Gimme a ride: The cars of Crescendo

Much of what we learn about characters comes through certain characteristics and mannerisms. But in Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush and Crescendo, we also get insight from the cars the characters drive.

We saw in Hush, Hush that Nora drove a brown 1979 Fiat Spider, but it’s Vee, Nora’s best friend, who’s 1995 purple Dodge Neon gets the most page time — it’s trusty, simple and economical. It also survives all sorts of mishaps but always seems to come through. Plus, Nora borrows it so much, she and Vee are like co-owners. (Plus, the Fiat gets sold.)

We also learned that Patch “won” a black Jeep Commander in a game of pool. It send a very different message than the Neon. (Seriously, would it make sense for him to show up in a SmartCar?) The Commander says, “Tough, adventurous and rugged.” Even the name Commander describes Patch’s personality. That it’s black adds a touch of sexiness.

There are several new characters and cars introduced in the sequel. Nora’s childhood playmate/torturer, Scott, drives a Mustang. I must admit, I looooove Mustangs, so I naturally wanted to like Scott, but I can also see where they could be considered macho, pretentious sports cars. I like that Fitzpatrick paired Scott — who is so hard to read and seems like such a bad guy — with a car that is so all-American and well-liked. It’s an interesting juxtaposition.

Near the beginning of Crescendo, Nora says, “And then I saw it.” What is she talking about? A white VW Cabriolet. She wants it so badly, she gets a job to start saving. Cabriolets come in all shapes and sizes, some more, er, attractive than others. But Nora’s only costs $1,000, so we’re thinking it looks something like this one.

We learn in Crescendo that Marcie Millar (hissss!) drives a red Toyota 4Runner. Her dad owns a car dealership so we’re thinking it’s brand-spanking-new. Plus, the it matches the thong she shows off. First she offers Nora a ride, then Nora spots the 4Runner in the Millars’ driveway, even though Marcie is supposed to be out with Patch. Wench.

And last but not least, in a confrontation on her doorstep, Marcie tells Nora that Mrs. Gray’s beige Ford Taurus, license plate X4I24, is spotted parked down the street from the Millar residence once a week. In case you haven’t read Crescendo yet, I don’t want to spoil it, but you know nothing good can come from this, right?


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