Vote on the Hush, Hush & Crescendo Theme Songs

Posted November 5, 2010 by Sara | Novel Novice 3 Comments

Author Becca Fitzpatrick has all sorts of goodies on her website related to Hush, Hush and Crescendo — including playlists for each book. But we wanted to get even more specific.

So below you’ll find polls listing all of the songs from each of Becca’s playlists. We want you to vote on which song from each playlist you think is the perfect theme song for that book! Feel free to write-in additional suggestions in the comments, but be sure to vote, too!

Sara | Novel Novice

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3 responses to “Vote on the Hush, Hush & Crescendo Theme Songs

  1. Rosie

    Omigod, I looked up ‘Angels’, and it is absolutely perfect for Hush Hush. The lyrics are so Nora.
    I haven’t read Crescendo yet so…

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