L.K. Madigan Talks About Flash Burnout Winning Big

As we continue our feature on Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan this week, we thought it worth revisiting an interview we did with Lisa earlier this year, right after she won the Morris Award for the book!

Your book Flash Burnout just won the William C. Morris award at the YMAs. Describe the moment when you found out.

I received a phone call from the Morris panel of librarians; they had me on speakerphone so rather than just one person listening to me cry … they all got to hear my crazy incoherent sounds.

What was the process like of becoming a nominee for the YMAs?

I’m not sure of the process that the librarians undergo to choose the five finalists; I just know I got a phone call at work from my editor one day, telling me FLASH BURNOUT was a finalist. I was floored. You can read about it in detail in this blog post:


Have you read any of the other nominees or winners of the YMAs? What were your favorites?

I have read all of the other finalists, and honestly, I’m just glad I was not on the Morris panel. I would have sat silently in a corner, hoping no one asked me to vote. I do have a special fondness for Malinda Lo’s ASH. We are both members of an online community of 2009 debut authors – http://www.feastofawesome.com – so I admit I was pulling for ASH.

You meet someone in a bookstore, and they’re debating whether or not to buy Flash Burnout. What would you say to convince them?

I’m really bad at this. Every time someone tells me they bought my book, I caution, “It’s a little edgy. There are a few bad words. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.” Then they look at me like, What is wrong with you?

Someone said to me recently on Twitter: “It had me in stitches, and it had me in tears.” So maybe that’s what I would tell people. “It will have you in stitches, and in tears. If that’s your kind of book, get it!”

You have readers who loved Flash Burnout, and can’t wait for The Mermaid’s Mirror. What books would you recommend for them to read in the meantime?

What an impossible question! Luckily, I can point them to the American Library Association’s just-released list of Best Books for Young Adults: http://www.acrl.org/ala/mgrps/divs/yalsa/booklistsawards/bestbooksya/bbya2010.cfm

In fact, a librarian is a great person to ask for recommendations!

And that online community I mentioned above? (http://www.feastofawesome.com) There is a veritable treasure trove of booky goodness produced by those authors – there’s bound to be something for every reader.

Portland is home to some incredibly talented YA authors, as well: Lisa Schroeder, April Henry, Laini Taylor, Christine Fletcher, Emily Whitman, Virginia Euwer Wolff, and Suzanne Young. I can guarantee a satisfying read with any of their books.

Read the rest of this interview here.

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