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This is Teen Read Week, and we thought what better way to celebrate than by featuring some awesome teen bloggers. So all this week, we’re featuring guest blogs from some of our favorite teen bloggers! That is actual TEENS who blog about books. (Because while the Novel Novice staff loves YA, it’s been a few years since any of us were considered teens).

Today’s guest blog is from Overflowing Shelf:

When I heard that this year’s theme for Teen Read Week was “books with beat”, I had to sit down and think for a minute what that meant to me. The first thing that popped into my head was books about music or books related to music.

The first two books that popped into my head were two books by Sarah Dessen, Just Listen and This Lullaby. Personally, I love Sarah Dessen, and Just Listen in particular. I love how in both these books music is incorporated. In This Lullaby, music is everywhere. My favorite part of This Lullaby is the Potato Song and “Hate Spinnerbate.”. If you ever read This Lullaby, you will understand perfectly what I mean.

I love how that through music and the theme of music so much can be expressed. Music is relatable on so many different levels, and makes people listen. In Just Listen, music is an integral part to having the main character, Annabel, open up. Music is universal; touching so many people.

As a teenager, I listen to music constantly. I love reading books that incorporate music, or are related to music, especially music familiar to teens. One of my current favorite books, The Lonely Hearts Club relies heavily on music from the Beetles and in particular their song St. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band. Books that can incorporate music always make me want to listen to the music.

Incorporating music is also a great way to encourage reluctant readers to begin reading. Most teens love music and by telling a teen a book incorporates music or is about music is a great way to get someone reading. Whether a book about music is non-fiction or fiction , they are always enjoyable and a great way to get others to read.

More About Overflowing Shelf:

My name is Danielle but people often call me Dani. I am eighteen and am currently a freshman at Boston University majoring in English. I started Overflowing Shelf in June 2010 to share my love of books, reading and certain authors with other people. I have started other blogs previously but haven’t been successful with them or forgot about them. I blog for my enjoyment and because I really love to read and love the amazing community that is associated with blogging. I am frequently active on twitter and have a slight addiction to it. Besides reading, I enjoy writing, watching tv, acting, and singing.

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