Review: DragonArt Evolution for the artistically inclined!

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I am notoriously NOT artistic when it comes to creating original artwork. Sure, I can manipulate images in photoshop okay … and I like taking pretty pictures. But you ask me to draw or paint something? Eh, you’d be better off asking a kindergartner. But after recently being given the chance to review the book DragonArt Evolution by J. “NeonDragon” Peffer I found myself wanting to give pencil and paper another chance. Well, my attempts were … not good.

But that doesn’t stop me from admiring the work featured in DragonArt Evolution — and if you have even an ounce of skill (I don’t), you’ll easily be able to follow the simple step-by-step instructions offered within the book for creating your own fantasy-inspired artwork. Here’s my recent review from Portland Books Examiner:

The next time you or your kids read a truly inspiring fantasy book, don’t just put it back on the bookshelf. Put that inspiration to good use!

That’s the concept behind DragonArt Evolution by J. “NeonDragon” Peffer, an art book that features step-by-step instructions for creating your own dragon artwork.

For the artistically inclined, the book can help you recreate your favorite dragons from books, movies, video games, etc. — as well as help you create your own. DragonArt Evolution features simple step-by-step instructions for the basic drawing. But the book goes beyond simply drawing.

It goes in-depth with the various options you can apply to your unique drawings — from different options for eyes or claws, to color combinations, to various genres, styles and more.

Peffer also includes instructions and tips for enhancing your original drawings digitally, using PhotoShop or other art editing software.

And if you need inspiration, you need look no further than the pages of the book itself — Peffer’s original creations are featured throughout, with finished images interspersed with the step-by-step illustrations.

Peffer and her publishers also encourage their readers to share their work on the safe and popular online community

DragonArt Evolution is now available in stores.

Interested? You can buy the book online!

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