Lauren Kate: Torment Q&A Part 1

Today, we’re really excited to present part 1 of our two-part interview with Lauren Kate about her new novel Torment. We should warn you, a few of the Q&As are a bit spoiler-y for the ending of Torment, but we’ve placed those below the jump & have marked them clearly so you can choose which responses to delve into. We hope you enjoy! (And an extra special HUGE thanks to both Lauren for answering our questions and to Noreen at Random House for setting everything up for us!)

For being an “angel,” Daniel does some pretty questionable deeds. What’s his real motivation? Will we learn more about his motives in the next books? Is it really as cut & dry as “keeping Luce safe?”

Well, Daniel is a fallen angel, meaning he put something else before God and was cast out of heaven because of it. He may not always act as “good” as we’d expect an angel to act and there’s a reason for that. He’s placed his love for Luce above everything. I wouldn’t say that keeping Luce safe is a simple issue either–it’s paramount to his existence, and her life is constantly threatened over the course of the series. Though she (and the reader) can’t see it yet, he always has her best interest in mind.

In Torment, we finally get to glimpse some of Luce’s past lives. Will we see more of these in the next book?

The entire third book sees Luce exploring her past lives. We’ll follow Luce as she traces 5000+ years of her history. It may be the craziest book I’ll ever write, but I think it will do so much to explain the love these two share.

The following Q&As have some spoilers for Torment, so only click below the jump if you’re okay with that (or if you’ve read the book):

SPOILER ALERT! By the end of Torment, we get the sense that there’s more to Luce than she thinks. Will she learn more about herself – not just her past lives, but her role amongst the angels & demons – in the next book?

Of course!

SPOILER ALERT! At the very end of Torment, Callie gets roped into the world of fallen angels. Is she here to stay? Will we see more of her involved in the action in future books?

Callie (along with most of the other characters) will play an important role in the books to come, but as far as Passion [the next book in the Fallen series] goes, I would say to expect a lot of Daniel-and-Luce time.

SPOILER ALERT! Speaking of the end of Torment … Luce’s parents! Anything you can tell us about their near future?

One thing that surprised me about writing Passion and delving into Luce’s past lives was how great her parents are in her current life. She’ll meet many other sets of parents in Passion and few of them compare to Harry and Doreen. Luce will reunite with her parents soon and she’ll finally be able to open up to them about everything that’s passed.

SPOILER ALERT! Miles. Oh, Miles. He’s so good and sweet and charming, and yet … is there a reason I get the sense that there’s more to learn about Miles? Is he really just that great?

Yeah, he kind of is just great. Are you trying to plant a devious seed about him in my mind? If he comes back as the villain in book four, I’ll know who to blame. Just kidding. To me, Miles is a representation of a saner life that Luce could have if Daniel were not so big a part of her destiny. He’s a good guy. Really!

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