Book Review: Torment (A Fallen Novel) by Lauren Kate

If you loved Fallen by Lauren Kate, you will find plenty more to keep you turning the pages late at night in the new sequel, Torment.

The book continues the saga of Luce and her fallen angel paramour Daniel — as they struggle to find safety and moments of peace amidst a budding war involving Heaven and Hell (and maybe a few other forces that are less well-defined).

Once again, Kate masterfully combines a lush, well-researched mythology with modern teenage drama — this time in a new, yet equally intriguing setting. Luce has moved from the stark hardships of reform school to the privileged life in a small, upper-crust private school along the Northern California coast, where she is given plenty of freedom along with the school’s other Nephilim (whom the other coeds believe are simply “gifted” students).

Torment masterfully combines an unfolding mystery, building tension, a richer past for Luce, a strange new enemy and an epic battle scene — all while weaving in brief moments of sweetness (and hotness!) between Luce and Daniel.

That’s not to say that Torment is perfect. There are moments when I felt frustrated as a reader — though not necessarily with the book itself, but rather with the nature of a series itself. Because after two books, I’m still not sure where the series is going. The mystery surrounding Luce (and her timeless relationship with Daniel) has only deepened in Torment, and there are now new questions about her purpose that have yet to be resolved. Likewise, the lines between good and evil are blurred even further — and the ending leaves you questioning who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, and what role Luce has to play in all of this.

And yet, while these elements frustrate me at times as a reader, they also keep me coming back for more. (Aha, Lauren Kate, I see your cleverness now!) And it’s that quality — the page-turning, give-me-more quality — which makes Torment such a devouring read.

Torment is in stores today — but tune in later this week for your chance to win a copy!

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  1. i read the Fallen yesterday. i freaked!! it was so So good. i want to get torment soon. go Cam. go Luce. lol daniel. are they gonn make a movie off the series?? say yes.

  2. im in love! i love love love love! this book! im dyin to get my hands on the next book “passion” thats coming out in the summer of 2011 i cant wait! the only thing is im so into this series that now its getting hard to wait lol. but i wonder whats next for daniel and luce.. and the romance 😉 lol

  3. Just read both Fallen and Torment. I have to admit, I’m pretty frustrated. Not sure whether Lauren Kate is keeping us in the dark purposefully, or if she just didn’t know how to tie together each new aspect of the story. I hope you are right, and it’s the former, because I really love the idea embedded in her books. Can’t wait for Passion to emerge so we can finally get some answers.

  4. Omg i love this book i’m soo happy that i read this book i hope to god they make a movie out of this!!

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