Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel: Essay & Project Ideas

One of our favorite things to do here at Novel Novice is find ways to incorporate the books we love — namely contemporary YA fiction — into classroom environments. That way, you can use a really great, fun book for your homework — and maybe your teachers can be inspired to use these books in their assignments, as well.

So today, we’re featuring some essay & project topics inspired by Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel!

Essay Topics:

* Discuss the effects of telling Infinite Days in first person past – what would have been the effect of telling the story in third person?

* Imagine Infinite Days without flashbacks, how do the flashbacks affect the story?

* If Rhode hadn’t died in the opening chapter, how would that have effected the love interests later in the story?

* Lenah, as a vampire, is a really unlikeable person. Why can we forgive her and root for her despite knowing she was not a very good person in her past, especially when, in real life, we are not so forgiving?

* Put yourself in Lenah’s shoes. You’ve been underground — literally — for 100 years. You wake up and find yourself naked on the floor. Describe this awakening, paying special attention to your five senses.

Project Ideas:

Hathersage, England

* For several centuries, Lenah lived in a castle in England. Search the Internet for an English castle that looks like it could belong to vampires, then research it. Who really lived/lives there? Who built it and what is it now used for? Here’s one great site to get you started.

* Hathersage, England is a real place with literary ties. Do a little research to find out about the area and pick an aspect on which to focus. Then, write a scene involving Lenah interacting with the town. What would she have witnessed? Who might she have seen? Who might she have killed? [Charlotte Bronte stayed in Hathersage while working on Jane Eyre.]

For the comments: What other essay/project ideas do you have for Infinite Days?

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