The Official Playlist for Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Today, we’re excited to present a Novel Novice exclusive — the playlist for Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel. Rebecca was kind enough to keep her playlist a secret, so that we could officially reveal it for you right here!.

Rebecca described the playlist as “weird,” but we’d just call it eclectic — and considering how complex Lenah’s character and story are, we’re not surprised. So without further ado, here is the Infinite Days Playlist. (Songs that have a link will direct you to a YouTube version of that song.)

1. Love So Alike – Theme from Tristan and Isolde by composer Anne Dudley

2. Here Comes The Flood – Peter Gabriel

3. Minor Blue – Composer David Darling

4. Into Dust – Mazzy Star

5. My Love – Lene Marlin

6. Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol (From Rebecca: I listened to this 624678264372 times when I first wrote Infinite Days.)

7. Love Theme – Meet Joe Black soundtrack

8. Handel’s Se Pieta

9. Hello – Evanescence

10. White Wings – Oystein Sevag – Album: Bridge

For the comments: What do you think of the Infinite Days playlist? Which song is your favorite?

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