Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel: Taylor’s Review

OK, so you’re either thinking, “Yes! Another vampire novel!” or, “Not another vampire novel!” Either way, I guarantee, Infinite Days is a(nother) vampire novel worth reading. Of course, you’ll have to learn the new “vampire rules,” but that’s a typical expectation for those of us who love to read about the cold ones. Don’t worry, you’ll catch on quickly.

Rebecca Maizel presents a new twist on the vampire theme and I just LOVE it! In Infinite Days, Lenah is becoming human again after spending centuries as a vicious, cold-blooded vampire. You’ll travel back and forth in time, discovering the evolution of Lenah from a child to a monster to something else. I found myself wondering, can over 500 years as a heartless, cruel, bloodsucking vampire be truly be undone?

The cast of characters vying for Lenah’s heart, Rhode, Tony, Vicken and Justin, all have at least one special something about them that makes you wonder how Lenah will ever choose – or if she deserves any of them. See, Lenah’s kind of hard to like. She’s rough around the edges, possibly from missing out on her youth and over a half millennium years spent in a blood lust. She’s demanding and self-absorbed, but somehow Lenah managed to grow on me.

Infinite Days is the perfect mix of the past and the present. I enjoyed the historical elements mixed in with the modern story line and observing as Lenah tried to adjust to a vastly different world. I can’t wait to read more of Rebecca Maizel’s Vampire Queen Novels.

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