Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel: Stephanie’s review


From Publishers Weekly:

Maizel’s dark and dreamy debut reverses the vampire trend with a heroine whose heart’s desire is to regain her humanity and abandon her evil past. After more than 500 years as the queen of her English coven, perpetual 15-year-old Lenah finally has her chance to become human again when her vampire sire sacrifices himself for the necessary ritual. Determined to live her new days to the fullest before her coven finds and kills her for her betrayal, Lenah explores American teenage life at a boarding school in Massachusetts.


It’s a tough life being a vampire queen: Hot guys — both alive and undead — falling all over you, enough money for a lifetime and a private apartment at a prestigious boarding school. Not to mention this queen has enough attitude for an entire coven. She’s heartless, she’s manipulative and she’s thoroughly unlikable.

Until she becomes human again.

Readers may have a tough time getting through the first few chapters when former vampire queen Lenah remembers her violent past as a cruel killer. But stick with it. Her physical transformation back into a human happens quickly, but her psychological/emotional transition is a work in progress and takes most of the book to complete.

Repulsive flashbacks provide a contrast to the human Lenah we see acclimating to human emotions and human reactions — and ultimately, we see Lenah learn to live again, thanks to a wonderful cast of supporting characters. Anyone who’s had a special guy friend (not boyfriend) will appreciate Tony, and those who have ever just “clicked” with someone will fall in love with Justin. (Team Human!)

Infinite Days is the first book in a trilogy, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Lenah continues to grow, especially considering the hard lessons she had to learn in Infinite Days. And I’ll be honest — I had a hard time getting into this one. When the main character is unlikable, it takes a bit more work on the reader’s part, but by the end, I was totally invested in the characters. Enough so that I haven’t forgiven the author yet for killing off my favorite one. (Yeah, I cried.)

Plus, Maizel has a firm grasp on writing hot and steamy, so it’s all good. 😉

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