Still Suffering From Post-Panem Depression? Video Salute!

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If you are like the rest of us staffers here at Novel Novice you still may be suffering from Post-Panem Depression. Even though it’s been almost a week since most of us devoured Mockingjay in once frenzied day of reading, PPD is still as strong as ever. I personally have some major issues with the last book of the amazing trilogy, but I’ll save that for a later date when more people have had a chance to read the novel. (My review would have to be pretty spoilerish).

Even with my issues, I still recognize the series as being one of the best sets of books to hit the YA market in years. Hence why I am using the first novel in my classroom this year.

Below you will find a few videos surrounding the amazing characters and relationships that have engrossed us YA fans for the last few years. I hope it will help ease your PPD. But if you are like me, it will make you want to read the series again. The videos are slightly spoilerish, so do not watch if you have not read the series. Which, by the way, you should.

Right now.


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