Countdown to Mockingjay: The Hunger Games Movie 411

Today we continue our countdown to Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins — with a look at where things stand for The Hunger Games movie adaptation. I’ve been following the developments closely for my Hunger Games Examiner column, and I can tell you, this is one book-to-movie adaptation that is 100% happening!

Let’s start with the facts:

* Suzanne Collins wrote the screenplay

* A screenwriter is editing/polishing her script

* Lionsgate is producing the film

* Production/Filming is set to begin in early 2011

* The Hunger Games movie is set for release later in 2011

Now, a lot of fans are eager to know who will be cast in the movie. We are, too. But the movie hasn’t gotten that far along in pre-production for casting to begin. That hasn’t stopped us from selecting some choices for a fantasy cast. There’s also no word yet on who will direct the movie — nor is there an official release date yet beyond “later in 2011.”

We’ll be sure to bring you the latest Hunger Games movie news as it becomes available. You can also get regular updates & news postings from The Hunger Games Examiner.

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