Mockingjay: Help us pick the Novel Novice fantasy cast!

Since The Hunger Games is going to be made into a movie, we can’t resist doing our own fantasy casting! We’ve been lurking around fantasy casting sites and blogs — and even thrown in a few of our own suggestions — and we’ve come up with list for you to choose from.

So, if you were the casting director, who would you pick? In the comments, tell us why!












For the comments: We couldn’t include everyone, so tell us who else you think should make the list and why.

17 thoughts on “Mockingjay: Help us pick the Novel Novice fantasy cast!

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  1. The choices for Katniss were my least favorite. I really like Kaya Scodelario for Katniss. She’s about the only one I DO like.
    Hunter Parrish!!!!!!!! He’s perfect for Peeta.
    Ben would be a great Gale…if only he were younger…
    Hugh Laurie would do an AMAZING job as Haymitch.
    Effie isn’t a big deal to me, but I chose Miranda Richardson.
    Chloe for Prim.
    Yara fir Rue.

    I want the actors to be pretty unknown. I do NOT want big-time stars to play my characters!

  2. Totally said Nina Dobrev because I think she’d be great at playing that strong character that Katniss is, but I also think she’s too old and too tall (sorry, Nina!) But I don’t know what the others are like.

    Hunter Parrish… never heard of him before, but he looks like Peeta?

    Ben Barnes for Gale. Hands down.

    Hugh Laurie for Haymitch.

    And Rue… hm… none of them really had that big-eyed bird look that I’d like my Rue to have.

    In general, I’d want totally unknown actors- at least for the younger characters, Haymitch and Effie and people would be played by known actors, probably. And Madge! Why do people always forget Madge? 😮 But I guess it’s easy enough to get a pretty blonde in Hollywood these days, so.

  3. Over at one of the earlier Tour Blogs, the one talking about Haymitch, they posted a picture of an actor they thought looked like Haymitch, and as soon as I saw it I thought “Wow, they casted Haymitch already, and he’s awesome!” That’s how much I agree with their pick. I DON’T like any of your Haymitch suggestions– they all could play drunken buffoon all right, but none of them are nearly RUGGED enough for Haymitch. They are too Hollywood-pretty.

    I also think you need to find somebody more muscular and rugged for Gale. He has to be somebody that Peeta looks like a pansy compared to, and yet Peeta’s got to be strong too.

    But I suppose this is the problem with Hollywood glamor shots like these. We’re not looking for GLAMOROUS people, we’re looking for poor Appalachian MINERS for pete’s sake!

    I don’t have any better suggestions though (except for the Haymitch), because I’m clueless about current movie stars.

  4. I always pictured Liam Neeson as Haymitch. The age seems right. He’s got a range where he could be jovial, indifferent, hateful, smart, scheming and he can fight, which I expect he’ll have to do in Mockingjay. I can totally see him saying, “You and a syringe against the Capital? See, that’s why no one lets you do the planning.”

  5. I agree with those who are asking where Kaya Scodelario is. She’s used in half of the banners and fan made trailers and all of that.

  6. The actress suggestions for Katniss are too old! Should be a toss-up between Isabelle Fuhrman and Joedelle Ferland.

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