The Official Mockingjay 13 District Tour: District 7 Contest

We are really excited to be part of Scholastic’s Official Hunger Games 13 day, 13 district blog tour counting down to the release of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins — including an exclusive giveaway (keep reading for details). In fact, it ties in perfectly with our 13-day countdown! Today is our turn on the blog tour, and we are representing District 7.

About District 7:

While virtually nothing is known about District 7 (both its tributes died the first day of the Hunger Games) — we do know that their main industry is lumber/timber. We also know that Katniss & Peeta cross through District 7 (in the Appalachians) from District 12 on their way to the Capitol (in the Rocky Mountains). Logic says that District 7 would be located somewhere in between — though that still leaves a large chunk of the Southeastern and Midwestern United States to cover.

District 7’s Logging Industry:

While we may not know much about District 7 itself, we can put together an image of what life was like there based on what we know about the logging industry and logging communities today.

We already know that most of the districts in Panem are poor — but even logging communities today have to struggle financially, so it makes sense that District 7 would be one of the districts struggling the most to get by. Chances are, a majority of the kids in District 7 will put their names in the tribute drawing multiple times to get extra tessera for their families.

There’s also the risk of logging itself. Much like the coal mining in Katniss’s District 12, members of the working community of District 7 likely put themselves at risk daily. In the U.S. today, logging is consistently one of the most hazardous industries. In 2008 alone, it accounted for 93 on-the-job deaths.

Besides the risk, logging is not an easy job. It involves working with heavy equipment and dangerous tools, like chainsaws — all while on uneven and sometimes unstable terrain. Loggers must also deal with extreme environmental conditions — from severe heat or cold, to torrential rain or sudden snowstorms.

The District 7 Tributes:

Both of District 7’s tributes are killed the first day of the Hunger Games in book 1. But in Catching Fire, District 7 tributes Johanna Mason and Blight are featured more prominently.

Johanna & Blight both won past Hunger Games, but return to the arena in Catching Fire for the Quarter Quell — when, as a twist to keep things “entertaining,” only past Hunger Game victors can be drawn as tributes.

In Catching Fire, Johanna and Blight both team up with Katniss, Peeta and their other allies inside the arena — but Blight dies when he runs into the force field surrounding the arena and the blast stops his heart.

Johanna helps some of the others to destroy the barrier keeping the tributes inside the arena, but is captured by the Capitol with a few others before she can escape.

The District 7 Contest:

And now for the contest! We are giving away 25 stainless steel water bottles featuring the Mockingjay emblem!

To enter, simply fill out the Novel Novice Mockingjay District 7 Contest Entry Form & tell us which district of Panem you would choose to live in & why.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • U.S. Only
  • Use the entry form! (If you comment below, it will NOT count as an entry)
  • Please only enter once; multiple entries will be disqualified

Contest ends at midnight (PT) on Monday, August 30th.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & we’ll reply!

Be sure to check out the Official Hunger Games Facebook Page, and check out the next stop on the tour at Jenn’s Bookshelves!

88 thoughts on “The Official Mockingjay 13 District Tour: District 7 Contest

Add yours

  1. Hi, awesome contest and awesome prize!

    I have a question-Can my sister and I both enter? We have different emails but we have the same mailing address. I didn’t know if that would disqualify us both if there was more than one entry with the same address.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I’d pick district 4- while life is still hell there, at least there’d be water and hopefully sun to keep us happier.

  3. And here I thought District 7 was always somewhere near the Northwest of the current U.S. (because I think that’s where a lot of logging currently happens). I wish someone (I mean you, Suzanne Collins) would draw us a map of Panem.

    1. That was my initial thought, too! It was only when I researched the descriptions of traveling through Panem that I realized it wasn’t possible.

  4. i would say district 7 wouldn’t be that bad if im going to die i would much rather large machinery/ quicker death than to suffocate under ground. If katniss can sneek out to hunt i’m sure the loggers have a little more advantage they are in the woods, they have to catch something here or there!

  5. Bottles are cool, I can’t wait for the third book to come out, I am dying to read it. Thanks for the contest.

  6. I would like to be in the same district as Finnick, District . Because personally, I love the ocean and to basically live on it would be great. And you’d learn a lot in terms of ‘defense’ and help with the Games!

  7. So excited for Mockingjay to come out. If I could choose a district to live in it would have to be 4 because I love the water

  8. I don’t remember which District she’s from, but I would want to live in Rue’s district. The people there are willing to fight for themselves.

  9. I’d want to live in District 1. They have everything, and their ignorance keeps them safe. It’s also much more thrilling to protest the leaders right under their very noses!

  10. I’m so excited for Mockingjay and if I choose to live in a district, it would be either district 4 because I love the water or district 12 because it’s such a bad district, they aren’t as strict as the other districts.

  11. I saw a map that showed the supposed districts (on FB) and my house was in the water, but on the border of 12 which would be cool to be with Katniss and Peeta. Otherwise, probably #4 because I like teh ocean, swimming, fish, etc. 🙂

  12. Has to be District 11. I’d enjoy being outside and workin’ in the trees. Plus, I’d be proud of my girl, Rue!

  13. I’m a bit ashamed to say this, but I’d probably want to live in District 1. I’m from the Rocky Mountains so it’d be near where I really am from, I would be distanced from the problems of the other districts and would face less hardships. If not, I’d choose Rue’s district, 11, because I would like to fly through trees like she does!

  14. I’d choose District 12 because I’m an outdoorsy girl myself and I’d love to be able to be friends with Kat and Gayle and assist them with the fight from their home turf.

  15. Fantastic water bottle!! Thanks for the contest! The entire Hunger Games concept rocks. However, I admire Katniss the most. 🙂

  16. I would choose district 12. Not for the coal, but for the illegal hunting. I like to go shooting, and I also like breaking the rules 😉 Even if I wasn’t the one to go through the fence, fresh meat beats a lot of things. And from what I understand from the books, District 12 was pretty well off compared to the other districts before they rebelled and got wiped off the map.

  17. Well, as much as I hate to say it… the Capitol would be nice. Just to see that style of living. As for a district, though, I would say District Four so I could try to win Finnick’s heart. 😛

  18. Hm lets see, I’m not going to choose Districtb 12 because I mainly know I wouldn’t last much of a chance at that place, but I don’t know if I can do illegal hunting because the reason why Katniss and Gale hunt was because they were taught to by their fathers so someone has to teach you illegal hunting for one.
    So, pretty much I’d take District 7, but now that I’ve seen the difficulties ( I still think it would be cool to be in District 7 ) I’d be in District 4 because I live near water anyways (Pool + Beach), South California!

  19. Which district is my favorite? Ha, that’s easy, district 13! What? You think the Capitol has destroyed us for good? You don’t believe there’s a district 13 do you? Well, shame on you, we’re very real, we’re just like you except there are no Hunger Game tributes and tesserae. The Capitol may have destroyed our homes, but not our spirits, we’re rebels of freedom!

    During the first war, we’ve miscalculated our strategy of taking down the Capitol. The Capitol is financed by the rich, its forces outgunned us and its geographical location made our advancements difficult. They had won the war, but they’ve not changed a thing. The suffering of the people from all of the districts hasn’t stopped. The yearning for freedom is greater ever. The Capitol invented the Hunger Games to remind you the horrors of the past through its propaganda. What they didn’t account for is that, the game itself now serves the catalyst of the upcoming rebellion.

    This time we will not let our men and women die in vain, this time we’ll prevail! We’ll strike where the Capitol hurts the most, we’ll spread the message to its people like the mockingjays singing Rue’s song.

    Join me my brothers and sisters from various districts, I know you’ve suffered enough. If Twill and Bonnie didn’t convince you of our existence (they’re part of our rebellion forces now by the way), look out for the mockingjays and listen to the songs of freedom with your heart.

  20. I think that I would live in district 12 if going by areas such as coal mining. Yet I would choose to live in district 13. They are free of the capitol. Freedom from a dictatorship. I would rather be poor and hungry in district 13 with freedom than in any other district including district 1. In district 13 everyone is a winner of the ultimate Hunger Game!! They have already survived oppression and an attempted eradication.

  21. not to crazy about the contest but in my opinon i think i’m with Gale because for one i hate the capitol(who doesn’t?!) i’d rebel with him any day and all of my friends tell me i’m alot like Katniss. I hunt(with a bow) i can get easily ticked off, i’m stubborn and i’d try my best to protect Peeta if i were in the games. all in all i’m with Gale! Go Team Gale Go!

  22. It really is awesome!
    It would feel pretty sweet carrying around the Mockingjay symbol on my water bottle…lol
    Cant wait for Mockingjay to come out! Its going to be EPIC 😀

  23. id love to live in district 11 i love trees , nature , fruit, and learning how to hop aroud in trees like rue wouldnt be too bad either.

  24. That is awesome! Thank you so much! I threw my hat into the ring–thanks for the opportunity! I cannot WAIT until this comes out–the day after my birthday! I consider “Mockingjay” a belated gift, lol

  25. I guess I’d want to live in District 3. I’m amazed with gadgets, and I’d love to have the supplies I need to make new inventions!

  26. I would like to live in district 3 because the richest is district one and they sound all goody goody with the Capitol I don’t want to be starving but I don’t want to be mean and so district 4 is good

  27. Hmmm… I want to say 12 because I like to fantasize that I am Katniss 🙂 But in reality I would probably want to be in District 6.

  28. How are the winners chosen? Is it randomly or are they chosen by their response? And one more: When will the winners be announced? Thanks!

  29. I would live in 12, [and not because its the main District in the book] its because they have less-strict PeaceKeepers, when every other District has really hard-headed ones. i wouldn’t like to be on that demanding attention. i would want a very loose leash, like District 12’s.
    and i do LOVE Peeta! although, throughout the Blog Tour, i read some comments about Gale, and now, i almost am in the middle between the love triangle! i used to be Peeta or die, but now it seems like which ever one she chooses, is the one for her. 🙂

  30. I would choose District 12. It seems to be the least severe, and the climate/terrain is what I’m used to . . . which makes sense, living in a valley of the Appalachian mountains!

  31. well I thought I had already responded to this post but guess I didnt!! I would have to say district 7 would be my choice. My Grandpa was a logger and so was my little brother. Guess it just runs in my blood!! Not only that but a community that has little resources really pulls together and helps one another out when they can!

  32. I think earlier in the books I would have chosen District 12 because at least it was easier to hunt in the woods and the peacekeepers were willing to look the other way. later maybe district 11 because of the beauty of it only.

  33. I’m WAY excited for the books tonight! I can’t remember if I already sent a reply in or not but I’d like district 13 because…well…they kick butt silently! :0) Excited to see what all happens in Mockingjay! (If I left 2 replys, it was NOT intentional…I can’t find my other post and my computer does weird things. Sometimes I will send things and they are never received.)

  34. i would want to live in district 12. not because of what its known for and its bad reputation, but for how close everyone is to each other and how we would share the same hardships.

  35. If I could choose any district to live in, I would choose 12. Because most everyone in twelve treats each other like family. And because that being to the point of starving several times, the citizens of district 12 could easily fit into 13’s lifestyle. plus hello 🙂 Peeta’s pretty frosted cakes are there. 🙂

  36. That is a very cool water bottle. I would probably pick District 11 because I like the outdoors and am a fruit and veggie girl.

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