Be a character in Swear by Nina Malkin: Contest Winners!

You read that heading correctly: we have not one, but TWO winners from our contest to be a minor character in Swear by Nina Malkin, the upcoming sequel to Swoon.

We had a TON of entries for this contest, and it was definitely tough narrowing the field. I plucked out several finalists and sent their entries off to Nina, who made the final decision. So without further ado … the winners are:

Erin Hampton & Lexie Wohlfort

On her blog, Nina writes:

Reading their entries truly allowed the character to bloom. So when SWEAR comes out, just about a year from now, you’ll get to know a 1920s vixen named Earline Burnside, called Early because she’s way ahead of her time. She embodies what Erin sees as someone “living impulsively and dangerously on the edge,” in a period Lexie loves because “all the dancing, parties, and jazz music make me feel like I would be welcome there.” Physically, Early’s got Erin’s unique grin and Lexie’s petite stature—as to the unusual, ever-changing brown-to-gold-to-green eyes, sorry, but another new character in SWEAR already happens to have those!

Like all the characters you first came to know in SWOON, as well as the new ones you’ll encounter in SWEAR, Early is neither 100 percent good or evil, but complex: smart, funny, sexy, sparkling, opinionated, vain, insightful and self-destructive. I hope you’ll enjoy reading her as much as I’m enjoying writing her, and I thank Lexie and Erin for their inspiration.

See more about all the Swoon/Swear finalists & winners on Nina’s blog!

Special thanks again to Nina for letting us host such an awesome contest!!

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  1. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is. I am so excited to be one of the winners. Thanks guys for hosting such a fantastic contest 🙂

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