Mockingjay: Help pick the theme songs for the series

Every book deserves a playlist, right? And killer books like The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are just begging for one, so we’ve compiled a list of songs we think are good fits.

Your job? Vote on which ONE song you think best represents each book. Click on the book title to listen to the playlist, then vote below.

The Hunger Games



Catching Fire


7 thoughts on “Mockingjay: Help pick the theme songs for the series

Add yours

  1. For The hunger Games i was stuck between ‘Rangers’ and ‘Young’ but I ended up picking ‘Rangers’ because i get like the softer song was better for the beginning of the series. Thou i did like the chorus for ‘Young’ a lot!

    Picking catching Fire was an easy one as soon as I heard ‘This Is War’ I knew it was perfect!

    Great selection and thanks!

  2. ‘Young’ is pretty much the perfect song for The Hunger Games! Wow.

    Catching Fire was harder for me, but I think ‘This is War’ suits it well.

    This was fun, thanks!

  3. Great choices. It was tough to choose. A song that I always thought related to the Hunger Games (book 1) is Fake Empire by The National. This is a cool idea! I’ll definitely use this when I teach HG/ Catching Fire this year.

  4. Come on, seriously? The Hunger Games is a story aimed at a young adult audience, yes, so there is some justification behind using the songs suggested above as they would appeal to that group.

    But in essence, its a very ‘Epic’ tale of world changing proportions, mere rock, punk or folk groups, however famous or loved would not even scratch the surface of the emotion, action and heavy themes that this book series puts forth.

    Like all epic films, The Hunger Games should have its own composer to create its music, and make it fit the film, not the other way around. This is a trilogy that should be on par in terms of ‘epicness’ with Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, and when in either of those movies does Breaking Benjamin start firing up their drum sets?

    And if not, I’d suggest “Nara” by E.S. Posthumus.(1.15s through the song should be the kick in.)

    1. Well, Kytos, we’re glad you’re so enthused about The Hunger Games, but since we don’t have access to our very own composer, we have to go with what’s available. If you feel like composing a score, feel free to submit it to us.

      1. 🙂

        Obviously for the polls sake the suggestions are quite sound and Kudos to the chooser.
        I just felt as though somebody needed to mention that the rock (etc) artists of modern world might not best suit Katniss’ tale a significant amount of years down the track. Only the feeling of ‘Now’ needs to have a soundtrack to compliment that.

        It just seems as though cinematic music like what I suggested previously has been overlooked in favor of what is currently popular. Which is fine, you cant please everybody, just thought I’d point it out.

  5. I think the theme song for mockingjay should be radioactive by imagine dragons!
    Its just my opinion
    Just sayin
    but it would work

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