Full Interview with Cassandra Clare!!

Sitting down and having an interview with Cassandra Clare was certainly the highlight of my summer.  Her New York City book signing and special announcement was attended by many eager fans who were in for an even bigger treat, since the ‘MC’s’ of the night were good friends of Cassandra ClareHolly Black and Maureen Johnson.

Cassie Clare was extremely pleasant and easy-going and despite the time crunch of the day, made sure to squeeze in some time for an interview.  She answered questions about the newly announced upcoming Mortal Instruments books, book tour, her awesome fans and more!

On her website, Cassie Clare has admitted to owning millions of books, and says that there is no way she could recommend them all.  However, she did discuss a few that she specifically loved and one that she is looking forward to.  The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is the first Cassie Clare recommends.  She also just finished reading Matched by Ally Condie (which hits stores November 30 of this year) and says that it is a “really fun” book.  One book that Cassie Clare says she is looking forward to reading is Mockingjay, the newest addition to the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

Although Cassandra Clare has posted her playlists for both City of Bones and City of Ashes on her playlist, we haven’t heard about what she listened to while writing City of Glass.  [EDIT:  Apparently somewhere along the way I missed the COG playlist.  She does have it listed online though.  You can find playlists for all three TMI books here.]

I asked her about her playlist and more specifically if there was one song in particular she listened to while writing a specific scene (I was hoping for some Clary/Jace love and that’s exactly what she told me about!)  She said that one song she listened to over and over was Bring on the Wonder by Susan Enan.

“It spoke about beauty and wonder of love but also very sad and evocative.”

Here are a couple of pictures from the Q&A session that she had with the entire audience at the book signing:

You can watch the full video interview below.

Thanks again to Cassie Clare for the awesome interview!  Here’s the picture of me with her and the artist for the graphic novels!

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  1. That was such a GREAT interview! I would have been quaking in my boots! And I may give The Book Thief another try after her recommendation. I’ve tried to read it a couple times and haven’t been able to stick with it. Thanks so much for this interview!

    1. Thanks! I was so incredibly afraid I was going to have a major fangirl moment. But she completely put me at ease. She was a pleasure to talk to and really just an awesome woman. I’m interested to read Matched, now that she’s suggested it. I’ve read a book review on it and it seems really interesting.

    1. I hadn’t noticed the section on her website with the COG playlist before. I edited the post to include it. Thanks so much for pointing it out!!

  2. I was at the signing too! It was so much fun, and Maureen and Holly were hilarious. I’m really glad I came to it. I was afraid of like going up to see her and then just being tongue-tied and not knowing what to say. But she was really cool. It was a fun event. Thanks for putting this stuff up 🙂

  3. Here’s the cool thing, I can say the author of this article is one of my best friends, how awesome is that?! Cassie you rocked that interview! I say journalism is in your future! 😀

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