Contest winners galore: Sea, The Naughty ListGreek

I have been WAY behind on some of our contests lately, but today I am playing catch-up in a big way. So without further ado, here are the winners from some of our most recent contests:


Greek: Double Date Winner:

Lauren M.


The Naughty List Mini-Contest Winners:

Linda H.





Sea Travel Writing Contest Winner:

Alison N. for her entry:

When I travel, it’s usually to the same places that my parents choose every year. But last year, I got to go to some place different. As part as my youth group at my church, a few of us volunteered to take a trip up to Philadelphia to help out the homeless. We were gonna work at a place called the Mary Jane Enrichment Center, a place where they helped out the homeless and the needy.

My friends and I volunteered to do this because we thought it would be cool do something together while helping out people. The first time I went, it was shocking. There were so many people waiting outside for the place to open just so they could have lunch. While there, I ended up sorting clothes and bread for the needy. I also made about maybe a hundred hotdogs and tuna fish sandwiches for people coming and going. I probably did other things like carry furniture and stuff, but I don’t remember as much since it was about a year ago.

Even though it’s not a vacation, this was a place that has changed my life. I’m fortunate to say I live in a nice part of New Jersey and I don’t see hardships as often as some people. Yeah, I saw it, but I was never put into the middle of it. When I went, I was able to see how bad some of the people had it. It was insane to see that a small sandwich prepared by kids brightened up someone’s day. There were families had come and old men, and every one of them had a different story. Some were really quiet, but others liked to talk.

My youth group leader was telling us how the people there love to see kids because it was easier for them to tell stories of how they got in that position. Apparently it’s easier to talk to people younger than you so you don’t feel as embarrassed. We listened and listened, and the stories were heartbreaking. It’s scary to hear that one wrong move can change your whole life.

That day, my friend’s and I experienced a lot. We changed those people’s lives for that day, but they changed our lives forever.


The Naughty List Writing Contest Winners:

1st Place: Sherry S.

2nd Place: Hannah M.

Runners-up: Veronica H. and Jackie N.

Here is Sherry’s first-place entry:

The gym is always a central point of mass hysteria following a game, especially if it’s one against a rival school. Double that if we win. Which we did.

I dodged past numerous people, some of which I recognized and others I didn’t, to escape what was sure to be chaos from the energetic crowds. As I jogged past empty cars, one vehicle in particular caught my eye. And this one was not empty.

A guy and a girl were all over each other in the back seat, causing the windows to get steamed, doing god knows what naughty things, and on school property none the less. While I couldn’t get a view of the girls face, I recognized the other person immediately. It was none other then my best friends boyfriend, Kyle.

I knew downright the girl with him wasn’t Sara. For one, Sara was at home, grounded. If that wasn’t enough, the girl in the car with Kyle had some fake blond hair. Sara, on the other hand, is a brunette.

I wanted to force him out of the car and test out some of my trusted ninja moves on him, but I figured that might cause more problems for Sara. She’s totally smitten with him and I know once I tell her, she’ll be completely devastated.

Now I always claimed Kyle was a sleazebag, but this is not the way I wanted to prove to Sara how much of a snake he truly was.

I stood there staring at what I believed to be the utmost betrayal to my absolute favorite person in the entire world. If anyone could commit such an act against someone like Sara, then surely the world was a much darker place than I imagined it to be.

I edged around the side of a car near to where Kyle and his mystery girl were located. At times like these it’s best to bring proof with you. Telling a story like this is just easier when you can say, “Hey I’ve bought evidence, please refer to photo number 1 and photo number 2.” I’m just saying if it were me, I would want proof. Best friend or not.

A snatched my cell phone from the depths of my purse and got some picture perfect shots. I highly doubted Kyle would agree.

After getting everything I needed, I exited the space between the cars and ran to my own, dialing Sara’s number as I went. She answered after the first ring.

“Hey hot stuff how was the big game?”

I felt defeated when I heard how cheerful her voice was, but what I had to say was important. It was something she had to hear.

“Hey Hun… I have something I need to tell you. Probably in person. Can I stop by real quick?” I held my breath waiting for her response.

“Um, I guess. Now my nerves are going crazy, hurry up and get her.”

The phone clicked off and I started up my piece of crap VW Bug. It was old and ugly, but it was reliable so I couldn’t really complain.

I made it to Sara’s house in record time, and I saw her perched on the side porch waiting for me. I got out of my car slowly, trying to wipe the regretful look I had smeared across my face. Breaking her heart wouldn’t be an easy thing to do.

When I saw her eyes, it was as if she had already known. Maybe the look on my face gave it away but I couldn’t really be sure.

“You should see these.” I passed my phone to her and waited for her response.

I was expecting tears and heartache but all I saw was anger. Hurt and anger. I knew from that point on that she wasn’t going to let that pain hurt her, but she was going to use it to hurt him.


If you’re waiting for the Swear Minor Character Contest winner, the wait will be a bit longer. Author Nina Malkin & the Novel Novice staff are still reading through the entries. We hope to announce the winner within the next couple of weeks.


Winners — check your email for instructions on claiming your prizes!


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