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Fans of ABC Family’s hit show “Greek” will find plenty to love about the new Greek spin-off book series from Harlequin Teen and author Marsha Warner. Written to compliment the series, the first book in the series — Greek: Double Date — offers fans even more time with their favorite show, but is easily accessible to newcomers. With this new book, both groups can get sucked into life at the fictional Cypress Rhodes University.

Here’s the scoop on the first book:

Two dates – same night! Major oops. When Casey Cartwright’s brother begs her to be nerdy Dale Kettlewell’s date to the sure-to-be-boring Honors Engineering Awards, Casey says yes. Even though Dale is totally not her type… and might have a crush on her. Ugh. But it’s a nice thing to do, and Casey’s always been the “nice” girl.

But now, that night conflicts with the biggest event of the semester, the All-Greek formal. Casey already has a date lined up: hot transfer student Rob Howell. He’s her plan to get over her sexy-slacker ex, Cappie. And even nice girls get to be bad sometimes, right?

What to do? With a little help from BFF Ashleigh, unwanted advice from frenemy Rebecca Logan and even a push from Cappie, what Casey does may surprise even herself.

Now, I’ve never actually seen “Greek” on ABC Family — but that didn’t stop me from being able to connect with the characters in the book. Warner writes in such a way that newcomers like myself can easily come aboard. However, I got the sneaking suspicion that if I were a viewer of the show, I’d have had a much richer understanding of past events referenced throughout the book.

Still, that didn’t stop me from following Casey along on her romantic adventures. However, I thought the synopsis was a bit misleading — because the book was much less about a “double date dilemma,” and much more about the complicated dynamics between Casey, her former flames, her sorority sisters and the other characters. This quality made the book actually much more engaging than I thought it would be, based on first impressions.

I was surprised by some of the depth offered by the seemingly minor characters, as well. The stand-outs (to me) were: Casey’s brother — the lone engineering major in a Fraternity, his girlfriend — the reluctant sorority pledge, and Calvin — the reluctantly openly gay Fraternity brother. These three characters are in some of the most intriguing positions, and I’m curious to see if future Greek books delve into their stories.

Greek: Double Date is on sale now, and three more books in the series are set for release in August, November and February.

Also, check out our a Q&A with editor Tara Parsons, to learn more about the Greek books!


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  1. Sami

    ok… so i’ve never actually seen the show… or read the book – but it looks good! I like nerds! – go Dale!

  2. Um, I totally love Greek. The whole series is up to watch on Hulu, and I totally recommend it! I’m kind of hoping that the Greek books will blow up, because then my college-set YA might finally be marketable!

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