What’s Your Favorite Genre?

Do you have a favorite genre, something that tempts you just a little more than all those other great novels out there? Are you gravitating toward a specific area when perusing the shelves at your local bookstore or library?

Share your favorite genre in our newest poll. Don’t see your favorite? Tell us what we’re missing in the comment section below.

As always, if you have an idea for a future poll topic, send your suggestion to Miss Librarian 2010.

Previous Poll Results:

When will you see Eclipse? A whopping 88% of you saw Eclipse in its debut week! 45% of you were in a theater at midnight July 30th!

Summer reading poll results: Wow! Our Novel Novice Fans will be reading like mad this summer. Almost 75% of you plan to read at least 13 books over summer’s lazy days.

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Genre?

Add yours

  1. Can’t believe we overlooked the Sci-Fi/Fantasy crowd! Looks like we might just have to edit this survey.

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