Sea author Heidi R. Kling Guest Blog: Pursuing Your Dreams

We’re delighted today to bring you an exclusive guest blog from our June Book of the Month author, Heidi R. Kling. We’d like to thank Heidi from taking the time during her very busy book release month to write a blog just for us. We’ve loved having Heidi’s book Sea as our June Book of the Month — really, we can’t say enough nice things about this book because it really just blew us away. We’re expecting great things. So thanks, Heidi — for everything!

In her guest blog, Heidi talks about pursuing your dreams:

This is vastly important to me, because I think without reaching for a goal life can get sort of stagnant. Not that it won’t be enjoyable or have tiny daily delights but because I think dreaming is part of living.

Now I don’t mean, “Oh my dream is to have a fancy race car or to be the most beautiful woman on the planet.”

While noteworthy goals–ha–aren’t really obtainable for the average human being.

Pursuing dreams is great, as long as you reach for something that may be *just* out of your reach but is also obtainable with a lot of hard work and a sprinkle of fairy dust style luck.

Obama dreamed to be the President of the United States. He is now the President of the United States. But it didn’t happen overnight. He worked and worked and worked on that dream.

I strongly believe that dreams can come true—but the whole thing isn’t a Disney movie–it’s not a magic wish-on-a-star moment that makes them come true–it’s that spark of idea, and that inner drive, sure, but it’s also being realistic about your dream.

As a recently published author, it can be said that my dream came true. And this is totally 100% true facts.

I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was a little kid.

But I’ve also worked extremely hard–writing for years and years, pursing a BA and an MFA in creative writing, staying awake long long hours, sacrificing a ton of “me” time and family time and friend time to hone my craft.

It’s work.

Obtaining goals takes work.

Sure you’ll hear the story of the person who was discovered via the blog they’ve written two posts for their voice and voila! NYT bestseller–but who knows, maybe that person would’ve rather been a horse jockey and they are now stuck in a boring bestselling author profession.

Come on now. 😉

Do I think you should pursue your goals? Absolutely.

Should be realistic about them? Yes.

Do I still wish on a star every single night? You bet.

And when in doubt, be your own Fairy Godmother.

For the comments: Tell us about pursuing your dreams!

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  1. How do you find that inner drive when the “woe is me” hits? How do you get through that particular wall? I don’t find it as difficult to push through other blocks. I like to gather strength from listening to the struggles of others & truly absorbing how they make adjustments.

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