Sea: A tsunami of inspiration

Sadly, our month of #sealove is almost at an end, but we wanted to show you all the cool stuff that’s been inspired by Heidi R. Kling’s novel Sea (and the 2004 tsunami itself). From journals to jewelry, tunes to toenails, readers are showing the love in a big way!

  • Heidi has some cool tank tops available in her Sea Store (no, this isn’t a commercial plug — you could make one of your own!):

  • On Etsy (where everything his home-made), Little Red Reads made a number of things including jewelry and journals:


  • But not everything has to cost something. Earlier this month we told you about DJ at DJ’s Life in Fiction. He wrote a magnificent song called:


Check it out and be sure to give him some love!

  • Another admirer, @Travis_Pearson was inspired to show his #sealove by literally drawing a line in the sand:

  •  And @bloggersbooks decided to wear her #sealove by turning herself into what are now called the “blue people!”

  • Of course, our own Sara showed her massive #sealove by making some beeeeautiful Sea-inspired wallpapers. You can see them here. For a recap of all our #sealove, be sure to check out our master post for Sea.
  • And finally, the tsunami itself inspired many agencies to spring up. One of them stole my heart and is called Children of the Tsunami. The group produced a series of videos following eight children from affected countries including India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. You can view the films on their website here.

For the comments: Did we miss something? Tell us about it and we’ll be sure to post it on Novel Novice! Send your info to and put “sealove” in the subject line!

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