Activities you can host for the Sucks to Be Me books!

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We love reading here at Novel Novice, but let’s face it: reading is way more fun when your friends read, too — and then ya’ll can get together and geek out over your favorite books! Here are some fun activities you can do together for our May Book of the Month, the Sucks to Be Me series by Kimberly Pauley. These ideas come from the Sucks to Be Me Teaching & Discussion Guide, provided to us courtesy of Mirrorstone Books.

Vampire Movie Night

Yesterday, we shared a list of several of our favorite vampire movies. After reading Sucks to Be Me and Still Sucks to Be Me, host a party to watch some of your favorite vampire movies with your friends. Be sure to include the original 1931 Dracula for good measure. You can even serve red punch (“blood”) and creepy snacks!

Immortal Costume Ball

Host a party — or a dance at your school or library — and invite people to come dressed as famous historical figures who they think may have been vampires. You can even have guests vote in a costume contest! Don’t forget prizes.


Break out the craft supplies, and make some posters inspired by Sucks to Be Me and Still Sucks to Be Me. One could feature the pros & cons of becoming a vampire. Another could be an advertisement for a book club or reading group for Sucks to Be Me and Still Sucks to Be Me.

Vampire Poetry Slam

Host a poetry slam with a vampire theme. Ask readers to write and share poems about life as a vampire. You could even dress as vampires!

For the comments: What other activities related to Sucks to Be Me can you think of?


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