Kimberly Pauley: What I love about being an author

Today for our May Book of the Month, the Sucks to Be Me series, author Kimberly Pauley took some time from her insanely busy schedule to write a quick guest blog for us, tackling the subject of why she loves being an author. And her response is one that truly warms the cockles of our hearts! So special thanks to Kimberly, and enjoy her blog!

People are always asking me what’s the best thing about being an author. Usually, what I tell them is how big a thrill it is to hear from fans. And it is, it really is. The most horrible day (sinus headache, sick baby, poop explosions from a badly fitting diaper (Max’s, to clarify), telemarketing calls…) can be completely turned around when I get an email or a letter from someone who’s read my book and loved it. There’s nothing else like that feeling, to know you’ve touched someone with your words.

But there’s another reason I really love being an author: my fellow writers. I used to work at corporate jobs and have worked for some of the largest companies out there. I’ve run teams of people. But nowhere else do you find the kind of camaraderie and dedication you find among writers.

Sure, there are those rare few who view everything as a competition or those that like to practice their skills with a poison pen. But by and large, the writing community truly is a community. We jump in to help each other. We unselfishly give of our time, our talents, and our energy. We support each other through bad reviews, we cheer each other on through the good, and we pimp out each other’s books. We have been known to go into a bookstore and move a friend’s book to an endcap (if you’re from Barnes & Noble, erm…sorry).

We also help each other out with the big things. When Nashville recently flooded and three local Tennessee authors (including my good friend Myra McEntire) put together a website called Do the Write Thing for Nashville, we jumped on the bandwagon. They have, in fact, had so many donations for auction items that they’ve had to call a moratorium.

I think that’s pretty amazing. And that’s not all. I know authors who have banded together to support a fellow author suffering from a terminal illness. Authors who have worked hard to keep libraries open and librarians in their jobs. Authors who have jumped in when they see injustice and discrimination and fought the good fight. Authors who have personally dedicated themselves to keeping a small bookstore open. The list goes on and on.

Writers are good people. And I’m so proud to be one.

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