Sucks to Be Me series: Curriculum Connections

The fine folks at Mirrorstone, the publishers for Kimberly Pauley’s Sucks to Be Me series (our May Book of the Month), were kind enough to send us their teaching & discussion guide for Sucks to Be Me. And we think the lessons also apply to the sequel, Still Sucks to Be Me. One of the coolest features in the guide is the “Curriculum Connections,” which shows how you can tie-in activities and projects from the Sucks to Be Me books in various subjects in school. Here are some of our favorites:


  • research the roots of vampires in mythology, literature and history
  • explore the roots of a vampire myth discussed in the books
  • research one of the historical figures mentioned in the books, such as Vlad the Impaler
  • create a list to compare myths vs. truths
  • explore the social or cultural influences of the vampire mythology
  • explore why vampire mythology is still popular today

Creative Writing

  • imagine you’re a vampire, and write about what life might be like in 200 years
  • use a diary format or write a short story that describes a typical day in your life as a vampire
    • things to consider: technology in the future, what it’s like to relocate, what sort of friends you might have, and what life is like in the country where you choose to live


  • discuss various creatures who exhibit vampire-like abilities & traits (like nocturnal animals, blind animals, or those that feed on blood, like mosquitoes)
  • speculate how these traits might contribute to a person being labeled as a vampire if they were to appear in humans


  • vampires are supposed to have perfect vision — so discuss art forms that might have sprung from perfect vision, such as cubism, photo-realism, or three-dimensional forms

The ideas for these lesson plans/activities are from the Sucks to Be Me: Teaching & Discussion Guide and are (c) Mirrorstone. You can find more teaching guides for Mirrorstone books on their website.

For the comments: What sort of class projects would you do for the Sucks to Be Me series?

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