Doing the Write Thing for Nashville – Charity Auction!

Over the last week, serious flash flooding as hit Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. At least 29 people are dead, and homes everywhere have been flooded. Even the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville was filled with water.

And unfortunately — the flooding has not gotten a ton of news coverage. Why? Because there are two other really big national stories right now, and the networks can’t seem to focus beyond coverage of the Times Square bombing plot and the Gulf Coast oil spill. Both are legitimately big news stories, but let’s not ignore the deadly flooding in Tennessee. (I’d like to note that I’ve had coverage about the Tennessee flooding every day this week in the newscast I produce.)

But now, to help out the victims, the literary world is organizing! And you can help.

Check out the Do the Write Thing for Nashville auction. Round 1 began today, and there are some really cool items up for bid:

– From critically-acclaimed mystery novelist Bill Cameron: Signed copies of LOST DOG (2007), CHASING SMOKE (2008), DAY ONE (2010) (Available June 1) and a character named by the bidder in COUNTY LINE ROAD (Someday).

– From Hannah Moskowitz, author of BREAK (Simon Pulse): Two query critiques (two winners).

– From Upstart Crow agent Chris Richman: A 30 minute phone call with a writer to discuss the industry, getting an agent, and whatever else they’d like to discuss.

-From author Rachel Hawkins (Disney-Hyperion): 2 signed copies of Hex Hall with Hex Hall t-shirts (two winners).

– From author Tessa Gratton (Random House), author of the upcoming BLOOD MAGIC: A short story critique.

– From blogger and knitter Annika Klein: Custom fingerless typing gloves.

– From author Angie Frazier (Scholastic Press): Her personal and last copy of the ARC of her book EVERLASTING.

– From Nashvillian author Susan Gregg Gilmore (Shaye Areheart Books): 6 hardcover copies of THE IMPROPER LIFE OF BEZELLIA GROVE (when released 8/17) and a luscious homemade pound cakes that ties into the book. Also, a SKYPE, i-Chat or personal visit with a book club depending on location.

– From author Gwen Hayes, author of FALLING UNDER (NAL/Penguin): One “What Gwen Said” coffee mug and query letter + first 30 ms pages (double-spaced) critique.

– From author Kirstin Cronn-Mills (Flux): A signed copy of THE SKY ALWAYS HEARS ME: AND THE HILLS DON’T MIND and a 25 page critique.

Check out the auction items & place your bid at the Do the Write Thing for Nashville website, and follow their Facebook page for updates.

They’ll have even MORE cool items up for bid soon!

If you’d like to help by donating to the auction, e-mail


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