Creative Writing Prompt: In Receipt

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Creative Writing Prompt #30
In Receipt

I have a handful of random receipts on my desk. I realized that I don’t often pay much attention to what’s on the receipt – besides checking to make sure I wasn’t charged for something I didn’t buy and to confirm the total is correct.

But in looking more closely at the hodge podge in front of me, there is an interesting array of words, phrases, and abbreviations on these pieces of paper that could certainly create an interesting poem.

Here’s a sampling from my restaurant, pharmacy, and grocery store receipts: stored order, Debbie, dine in, renegade, location, card number, important, ref, auth, goods/services, trip summary, spending, MC waiting, envy.

Dig through your wallet, box of receipts, or credit card bills and see what interesting words, phrases, and abbreviations you can pull out. Either write a poem around these discoveries or just begin writing any poem – ultimate “destination” unknown – and fit the words in as you write. See where the language takes you.

This is our last creative writing prompt for National Poetry Month! We hope you enjoyed this month of inspiration!


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