Creative Writing Prompt: Interrupted

Creative Writing Prompt #27

Earlier today, we posted about Lynn Emanuel’s poetry collection Then, Suddenly–, which she was writing when her father died.

Whether the book’s title is an indication of his passing, whether it symbolizes the interruption of her creative process, or whether it has another meaning entirely, the thought of interruption informs today’s creative writing prompt.

Certainly, when you’re writing, there are times when you’re interrupted – by the phone, by someone walking in, by a daydream, a car backfiring, the rain on the roof… any number of things can interrupt “the flow.” The next time this happens – and it inevitably will – instead of cursing the unwanted interruption, write about it. Give the poem you’re writing an interruption – it need not be incredibly obvious, but it should be a deviation from your original plan. See where this change of pace takes you in your writing.

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