Creative Writing Prompt: Getting Fancy

Creative Writing Prompt #19
Getting Fancy

If there is a spirited young lady in your life, chances are that child is well-acquainted with Fancy Nancy and her feather boas, sparkly crowns, and embrace of all things girly. One of the newest books in this colorful series is Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire! Just in time for National Poetry Month!

In the book, Nancy is learning about poetry and she is instructed to ask people, “What is your favorite poem?” Nancy’s sister loves a nursery rhyme; her dad is partial to Bob Dylan‘s “Blowin’ in the Wind”; her mom likes Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabel Lee”; and grandpa tends to prefer limericks.

But then Nancy gets an assignment to write her very own poem. And she wants it to be superb! But she can’t think of an idea… if only Nancy had Novel Novice’s creative writing prompts…

Here are a few ways you can channel the likes of Fancy Nancy to write your own extraordinary poems:

  • Ask the people in your life what their favorite poem is. How can their answers provide inspiration for a new poem? What kind of insight do you derive from learning this new information about the folks you know best?
  • Dig around in your bookshelves and/or memories and pull out your favorite childhood books. How can you incorporate their title, plot, message, or language into a poem?

Childhood is freeing – embrace those memories as you grow up. And write poems about them.

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