Creative Writing Prompt: Cancel It Out

Creative Writing Prompt #9
Cancel It Out

Write a series of lines such that every other line “cancels” the line that comes before it. For example: “I come before you/to stand behind you.”

Can you use these lines to create one entire poem? Or are they better as individual lines that can be inserted into existing poems? Experiment.

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3 thoughts on “Creative Writing Prompt: Cancel It Out

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  1. it was one of the wonderful post i’ve seen…
    outstanding balance of stuffzz….
    Amazing work….
    learnd a lot
    Visit mine and plz plz plz post your comments…

    Thank you…i’ll b in touch….

    1. Definitely try all the prompts! And after you do, consider entering one or more finished pieces in our poetry contest – we’re accepting entries until April 27. 🙂

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