Here’s how you can win Burned: A House of Night Novel

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We have gotten our hands on an advanced, hardback copy of Burned (A House of Night Novel) by P.C. & Kristin Cast. The book comes out April 27th, but you could get it before then by entering our contest!

That’s right, we’re giving the book away. And we’ve got a couple ways for you to win — thanks to your creative contest ideas.

To enter the contest, choose ONE of the following options:

Design an original tattoo like those described in the book.

Draw, paint, sketch, etc. a tattoo design like those described in the House of Night books.

Take a photo or scan your artwork & e-mail it to

Artwork/tattoo design must be ORIGINAL artwork.

Write a fictional story about going to the House of Night

Pretend you have been chosen and sent to the House of Night. Write a fictional story about the experience.

Here are some ideas to consider: When did you find out? Did your parents flip out? How did your human friends feel? How did you finally end up at the House of Night?

Keep your stories between 500-1,000 words. Please use proper grammar & spelling.

E-mail your stories in the body of an e-mail to

Tell us your favorites …

Pick a favorite something from The House of Night series & tell us why it’s your favorite. Here are some ideas:

Favorite character
Favorite book in the series
Favorite scene

Keep your entries between 500-1,000 words. Please use proper grammar & spelling.

E-mail your entries in the body of an e-mail to

Contest Deadline:

We want you guys to get this book before it comes out on April 27th, so we’re only giving you ONE WEEK to enter.

Submit your entries to by midnight (PST) on Friday, April 16th.

Prize can only be mailed to addresses in the U.S. (Sorry int’l folks – it’s just too expensive!)

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments & I’ll reply!


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4 responses to “Here’s how you can win Burned: A House of Night Novel

  1. Cassie

    I actually just picked up the first book yesterday. I’ve heard they’re awesome! Maybe reading it will inspire me to make my own tattoo!

  2. Arien Hubbard

    yeah, um…i have all 4 of the books, i have read them all though, it took me a month and a half to finish each one! it was like a thousand pages long. i know that i can do many quizes! but for now, i just keep watch for the eclipse movie to come out very well soon. i ccan’t wait for it to come up anyway! lmao. 😉 i really love breaking dawn, they have like this child, and she has really pretty eyes, hair, lips, nose, even the forehead because it wasn’t 2 big! lol she looks like she’s 5 when she comes out of bella. it must have been more painfull for bella than the baby! edward had to like bite bella all over her amms and legs to turn her into a vampire, too! because the baby was drinking all of her blood, and…wouldn’t she already be a vampire because the baby is part vampire, and part human…that doen’t make, sence. 🙁 i wanted to play bella’s part in all 4 of the movies and books. i could have had a wig on to make me a brunette! i have blonde hair and blue eyes…and a lot of girls have brown haired boyfriends, and they have blonde hair, some have brown hair and the boys have blonde hair. and some are just couples in America. ttyl! ttfn, tata-for-now!(please respond to this comment!!!) thank, Arien Hhubbard, Rose <:)

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